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LAMDA Exam 100% Pass Rate

Drama Fun is a registered LAMDA Private Exam Centre. We have been running the exam for 14 Years successfully. Every Summer Term, our students entre drama exams to build up their grades.
Year 2 Poem Exam (Introductory Examination Stage One)
Year 3 Poem Exam (Introductory Examination Stage)
Year 4 Acting Solo Entry Exam
Year 5 Acting Solo Grade 1 Exam (Level 1)
Year 6 Acting Duo Grade 2 Exam (Level 1)

Drama experience

We offer classes to secondary students to further their acting skills and carry on with LAMDA Exams. The classes are held on Saturdays in Muswell Hill.
Year 7 Acting Solo/Duo Garde 3 Exam (Level 1)
Year 8 Acting Solo/Duo Grade 4 Exam (Level 2)
Year 9 Acting Solo/Duo Grade 5 Exam (Level 2)
Year 10 Acting Solo/Duo Grade 6 Exam (Level 3) Bronze Medal
Year 11 Acting Solo/Duo Grade 7 Exam (Level 3) Sliver Medal
Year 12 Acting Solo/Duo Grade 8 Exam (Level 3) Gold Medal

Amazon artists management

Amazon Artists Management is a professional acting agency based in Crouch End since 1999. Drama Fun and Drama Experience children are invited to be represented by the agency to be sent up for parts in film, TV, commercials and theatre.