Maths Fun
for Year 2 to year 6
morning classes
summer 2024

Our aim

 Our aim is children to have fun while learning so that they will
be more motivated to tackle harder subjects and advance their own learning.

Maths Fun classes are designed to take your child to the next level, to push them to achieve more in Maths and to revisit the area they find difficult and challenging. 

15th April to 24th July 2024
8:00 to 8:50
Coleridge Primary School East Meeting Room

(The children will be taken to their classrooms after the lessons)

Year 2 Thursdays

Year 3 Fridays

Year 4 Mondays

Year 6 Tuesdays


Year 2 £270 for 13 weeks 

Year 3 £270 for 13 weeks

Year 4 £270  for 13 weeks

Year 6 £272 for 13 week

Can you work out the secret number?

4 Operation questions are one of the favorites for Maths Fun children.

To find the answers you would need to observe the whole, work out the order and use 4 operations (Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing) 

This is a good introduction to Algebra for secondary school.